Why You Should Shop for 100% Natural CBD Products

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CBD is a popular movement in health and wellness, and when you choose natural CBD products, you’re giving your body the very best CBD on the market. Not all CBD is created equal, and in an industry that’s still finding its regulatory feet, understanding the difference between a quality product and a waste of your money is vital. When you choose to buy natural CBD oil, you’re opting for a cleaner, better, supplement to support your well-being.

Where CBD Begins

CBD starts out as a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant. While many think of marijuana as cannabis, it is actually only a single variant, and most CBD comes from industrial hemp, which lacks marijuana’s psychoactive component, THC. CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system. While few studies have been done to explore the benefits of natural CBD products due to laws that were, until recently, as harsh on industrial hemp as they were on marijuana, anecdotal evidence and limited scientific evidence indicate that CBD may provide a wide range of health and wellness benefits.

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What Does Naturally Grown Hemp Really Mean?

Hemp starts out as a natural plant, but it doesn’t always stay that way. To cash in on the growing popularity of hemp, irresponsible growers and manufacturers are taking shortcuts with their product and your health. That’s why you should look for companies that make sure they only sell 100% natural hemp products. You’ll want to look at three major areas when evaluating your CBD choices to determine if they’re right for you:

  • Grown Naturally – Just as with food products, many growers choose to use insecticides and fertilizers, with far less oversight than what your table’s produce is given. Insecticides are countermeasures that are meant to kill the bugs that could harm a crop, but not harm the consumer. Fertilizers, meanwhile, are meant to increase a crop’s yield. While there are natural versions of both of these, some growers choose a chemical route that does not give suitable hemp for natural CBD products and, further, could prove harmful if consumed in high enough concentrations.
  • Verifiable Providence – As a manufacturer, you may not be responsible for how a plant is grown, but you should know who is, and what methods they use. While some manufacturers state they don’t use chemicals to grow their hemp, that’s only true because they don’t grow any hemp at all. They buy it at the lowest price possible from wherever they can. Make sure your natural CBD products are manufactured by a company that holds their producers accountable to natural practices if you want to make sure you want to buy only natural CBD oil.
  • Avoid Synthetic Additives – In order to be used, the CBD must be in some type of carrier solution. MCT, often in the form of coconut oil, is one of the best carriers around. High-quality MCT is readily available, but still, some manufacturers will add synthetic components to CBD instead. Natural CBD products should deliver the CBD in a natural carrier solution.

Going Natural Has Its Benefits.

Just as there are plenty of reasons people choose to use CBD to enhance their daily lives, there are a variety of reasons cited for choosing high-quality, natural products. Just as more people are seeking out organic produce at the grocery store, so too are they seeking natural supplements. Some of the most common are:

  • A Desire To Know What You’re Putting In Your Body – You know what hemp is, you know what CBD is, and you know what MCT is. If your product’s ingredients list reads like a mad scientist’s chemistry experiment, however, you’re not getting natural CBD products and you have no idea what you’re really consuming.
  • More Standardized Content – Many people consume CBD as part of a treatment plan they’ve developed after independent research. The effectiveness of any regimen starts with consistency. The fewer ingredients you have, mixed in the same amounts to the same concentration, in the same way, every time delivers that consistency. Ensuring their CBD products are natural gives them the peace of mind that they are providing their body a more standardized dose.
  • Less Risk Of Harmful Chemical Exposure – The best way to avoid taking in harmful chemicals is using products that have never had potentially harmful chemicals used as part of their production. Working with a reputable manufacturer who knows their supply chain and holds them accountable is key if you want to make sure you buy natural CBD oil that hasn’t been contaminated.
  • No Chemical Taste – You can always wash your veggies, but you can’t wash your natural CBD products. If a cleaner taste is important to you, then it has to start at the beginning. Natural methods yield crops that just taste better, whether it’s hemp or tomatoes.
  • Better For The Environment – When a company chooses to use chemical methods in their CBD production, those chemicals don’t just disappear. They or their byproducts are eventually flushed away, either into wastewater systems or groundwater. Areas all over the country are dealing with the crisis of runoff from big agriculture and big energy. Meanwhile, municipal drinking water has been a hot button not just for lead-contamination is some cities, but for the number of chemicals and drugs that don’t get filtered out before reaching your tap. Choosing natural CBD products is a small step you can take to help keep our environment a little cleaner.

Be Better, Naturally

If you want to give your body the best support for its overall wellness, make sure you’re working with a CBD company you can trust. We’re proud of our products, the care we put into them, and the quality we can offer. Buy your natural CBD oil products online from Core CBD today.

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