CBD Oil for Dogs: When to Feed Your Dog CBD

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp or cannabis plant. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is known to result in a “high” effect, CBD oil for your dog provides a calming effect and a pain-relieving sensation without harming your pet with potential intoxicating effects of the cannabis plant. With the popularity of CBD oil and products over the last few years, it was only a matter of time before CBD oil for dogs became a hot topic.

But the truth is – feeding a dog CBD is a pretty much unknown path for many pet owners. The good news is, both humans and dogs share a similar endogenous cannabinoid system. CBD oil works by targeting these cannabinoid receptors found in the brain, the central nervous system, body organs and the immune cells that help stimulate the relaxing effects of CBD.

Here’s what you should know about feeding your pet CBD products:

When Should You Feed Your Dog CBD?

First, it’s important to know that vets across the U.S. have no definitive answer to whether or not CBD oil can be used to treat or alleviate specific conditions in dogs. Considering the cloudy classification and regulation of CBD by the federal government, vets will still not recommend that you give CBD to your dogs. Despite this, it’s undeniable that more stories are coming up of pet owners who have successfully used CBD to treat their dogs or alleviate some symptoms.

The benefits of using CBD for your dog, based on various reported cases are incredible, with more pet owners seeking treatment and relief for their furry friends. There is no doubt that CBD oil has opened up a whole new world of pet care for those who believe in alternative natural remedies. So, when should you consider feeding a dog CBD?

  • Treating Seizures and Epilepsy – More pet owners are turning to CBD when their dogs suffer from seizures and epilepsy. The Colorado State University recently released a study that focused on the use of CBD oils for dogs who suffer from epilepsy, and the results showed that nearly 90% of the dogs studied had fewer seizures when fed CBD oil.
  • Relieving Chronic Pain – Dogs also suffer from arthritis and other painful conditions resulting from degenerative illnesses. CBD is well-known to relieve pain and is effective in targeting joints and muscles, making it a perfect pain relief choice for your dog. It also soothes the inflammation that prevents proper healing in pets.
  • Anxiety Issues – Many dogs suffer from bouts of anxiety, which can often cause depressive and destructive behaviors such as urinating, chewing objects, pacing around and more, especially in specific situations like when in a new environment or when the owner leaves. Feeding a dog CBD oil helps it feel more calm and relaxed.
  • Dealing with Appetite Issues – If your dog is not eating as expected, you could be dealing with an appetite problem. In most cases, it’s hard to know why, but it could be as a result of nausea. Just like humans, dogs will not eat when they experience a nauseous feeling. CBD oil for dogs can help alleviate the feeling of nausea and restore your dog’s normal appetite.
  • Cancer and Other Ailments – Unfortunately, dogs also get cancer and other conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular diseases, and others. Considering that CBD oil is an all-around stimulant, it can help your dog better cope with the various symptoms like pain, nausea, and loss of appetite that result from these ailments.

How You Can Add CBD Oil to Your Dog’s Diet

If CBD sounds like an effective treatment for your dog, then you should learn the different methods you can add CBD to your dog’s diet. You can choose CBD tinctures, topicals, capsules, dog treats, or cannabis oil. Choose an option that is easy to administer when it comes to feeding a dog CBD. CBD oil for dogs is safe as it’s non-toxic.

The Right Dosage is Important

An owner feeds her large, brown dog a treat.

The dosage of CBD oil for your dog will depend on its size, and that’s why most brands give you a range of options to choose from in terms of CBD products. However, if you’re buying a product that will need measuring to feed your dog CBD, make sure to follow the dosage instructions on the product’s packaging. Just like in humans, it’s advisable to start with the lowest dosage possible to see if your dog reacts to the CBD oil product.

Gradually increase the dosage if you’re sure there’s no adverse reaction, at least every five days until you see the desired effect on your dog. CBD has not yet been extensively studied but has incredible benefits for your dog. Only use non-THC cannabidiol products when feeding a dog CBD, but not THC products that are not meant for dogs. If you suspect your dog has overdosed on marijuana, call your vet immediately, according to the FDA.

The Way Forward

As more people embrace the use of high-quality products, we can expect to also see more CBD oil and products for dogs too. Find the best CBD products for your health and wellness at Core CBD. Contact us now to discuss your CBD needs.

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