What are the Benefits of CBD Terpenes?

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By and large, Americans are unfamiliar with many of the compounds in industrial hemp, and CBD terpenes remain a mystery few consumers know about. Despite this lack of awareness, the benefits of CBD terpenes play a big part in the success people have had using CBD to promote their health and wellness. So what are terpenes, how do they differ from the other active compounds in cannabis, and how can you ensure your CBD oil contains them? It all starts with being a more informed consumer.

CBD & Terpenes: Industrial Hemp For Health

Cannabis sativa L. plants contain over 100 active compounds, including both cannabinoids commonly called CBD and terpenes. Industrial hemp offers a rich source of these active compounds without the psychoactive “high” caused by THC in marijuana. With a 0.3% or lower concentration of THC compared to marijuana’s concentrations of over 30% for some strains, hemp lets you explore the benefits of cannabis without risking intoxication or a failed drug screen.

At Core CBD, our industrial hemp is naturally grown — without chemical pesticides or herbicides — in fertile American fields. Once the stalks, leaves, and flowers are mature, we harvest them for processing in our medical-grade facility in Colorado. There, technicians working in a clean-room environment use multi-million dollar machines to produce a full-spectrum CBD oil that is ultra-pure and reliably potent. This full-spectrum oil ensures you get both CBD and all the terpenes of the plant, unlike isolates, which have the terpenes and cannabinoids other than CBD removed.

What Are Terpenes?

To get the benefits of CBD terpenes, it helps to understand what they are. The definition of terpenes is actually fairly simple: Terpenes are active aromatic compounds that give cannabis and other plants their distinctive aromas. While primarily known by their scents, these compounds can display a range of other properties that are beneficial to your health and wellness. CBD terpenes often bind to receptors in the endocannabinoid system— just as some cannabinoids do — to elicit certain reactions from the body.

When combined with CBD, users benefit from the so-called “Entourage Effect.” This means that you aren’t just getting the benefit of the primary active compound, but the cumulative benefit from all active compounds. This can often be synergistic in nature, giving you an effect that is, in total, greater than the sum of its parts.

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Major Full-Spectrum CBD Terpenes

While there are over 100 terpenes that appear in various concentrations in different cannabis variants, there are a few that frequently show up in high enough concentrations to be of note:

  • Linalool – Also found in lavender, this relaxing aroma is a popular addition to potpourri, candles, and a wide variety of scent and deodorizer products. Generally considered to help calm nerves, promote rest, and help users be more relaxed, this CBD terpene can have great benefit when it’s time to wind down for bed.
  • Caryophyllene – You’ll recognize this woody, peppery scent from fresh ground peppercorns. Limited research has indicated it may be beneficial to those who want to promote a calmer, more positive mindset or ease the discomfort of inflammation.
  • Myrcene – Perhaps the most common and concentrated of the CBD terpenes, Myrcene is part of what gives mangoes their familiar scent. It is well known to anyone who has tried full-spectrum cannabis to find relief from inflammation or relaxation that has eluded them, making it sought after in products like bath bombs and healing balms.
  • Pinene – As you can guess from the name, Pinene is found in high concentrations in pine trees and scented products meant to offer the invigorating pine aroma. Its antiseptic nature makes it the perfect match for cleaning products and users cite it as helping ease inflammation and discomfort.
  • Limonene – It may have the second-highest concentration in many cannabis variants, but it doesn’t appear in all of them. Of all the CBD terpenes, this may also be the one that occurs the most outside of hemp in both natural and man-made products. It’s responsible for the citrusy zest of fruits like lemons and oranges. Like several CBD terpenes, benefits include a calmer, more upbeat outlook on life, but it’s also known as a powerful cleaning agent and stress reliever. It’s also purported by some to help ease the heavier psychoactive effects of over-consumption of THC.

How To Add CBD Terpenes To Your Self-Care Regimen

While some companies package and sell terpenes separately as a supplement to a CBD isolate product, the easiest way to include them is to choose premium whole-plant or full-spectrum CBD. This allows you to experience a well-balanced entourage effect from a natural product. There is a wide range of products made with full-spectrum CBD:

  • Vaping – Vaping is a popular way to get a tasty dose of CBD. Terpenes react much the same way as CBD to atomization making it a reliable delivery method.
  • Oils/Liquids – One of the fastest and easiest ways to get the benefits of CBD terpenes. Just draw a dose into the includes dropper and place it under your tongue, into your favorite drink, or swallow it straight.
  • Topicals – When you need relief, what could be faster than rubbing a terpene-rich lotion, cream, or gel onto the area that needs it the most?
  • Edibles – Gummies make a great way to get your CBD terpenes on the go, but why stop there? Terpene brownies? Yes, please.

Quality Full Spectrum CBD

At Core CBD, we’re proud of the high-quality, full-spectrum CBD we can deliver to your door. Call our customer service department with any questions you may have about the terpenes in our CBD products. Order your products rich in CBD terpenes from Core CBD today.

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