Top 10 CBD Vape Juice Flavors

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Vaping is a popular way to get your CBD dosage, and these top 10 best vape flavors make it a tasty and enjoyable experience. Vaping came to prominence as a more socially acceptable way for nicotine users to get their fix, then as a way for them to better leave cigarettes behind. Cannabis advocates have long been proponents of vaping, as CBD oil is perfect for vaping rigs and vaping gives users a handy way to control their dosage to meet personal needs.

Quality Over Flavoring

While these top 10 best vape flavors taste great, don’t lose sight of the reason you vape: to get your dose of CBD. While you’re sure to find a favorite, it’s important that you choose a high-quality CBD vape juice. Here’s what to look for:

  • Consistent dosage – Vape juice can come in many different concentrations. Understanding how you use your vape and how that works with your juice’s concentration is vital. If you go up in concentration, less vaping is needed to give you the same dose. Conversely, going down in concentration will require you to vape more often or risk skimping on your CBD. If you have to vape around an office schedule or other requirements, sticking to cartridges with the same concentration is important.
  • Naturally Grown Hemp – Hemp grown without chemical fertilizers or insecticides is better for you. Aside from often providing a purer smell and taste, you also avoid smoking leftover chemical contaminants. Ingesting these chemicals through your lungs could lead to serious health complications.
  • Scientifically Formulated – You want a blend that gives you the bioavailable CBD you want without a bunch of extra additives you don’t need. Balancing a vape formula is delicate, but important to your health and safety. As good as the top 10 best vape flavors taste, you don’t want to risk your wellness.
  • Verified THC-Free – Industrial hemp is, by federal definition, Cannabis sativa L. plants with a concentration of THC at or below 0.03% by dry weight. While that is way lower in concentration than modern marijuana strains and nowhere near enough to give you a marijuana-like “high”, an overly sensitive drug screen may still give a false positive. The best way to avoid this is to use vape juice that has been lab-verified to contain 0.0% THC.

The Top 10 Best Vape Flavors In No Certain Order

  1. Vanilla – There’s a reason vanilla is everywhere. It is a great starting point for so many people. Everyone knows exactly what it tastes like and what to expect. This flavoring will not surprise you, but if you’re getting vanilla, that’s exactly what you want.
  2. Mint – Another safe entry point to CBD vape juice is mint. This strong flavor will mask any hemp taste and is a popular vape flavor among former menthol smokers. Often formulated for an extremely strong mint flavor that leaves a tingling sensation throughout your mouth and into your nose and lungs, this is a brisk flavor that delivers exactly what it promises.
  3. Custard – With a creamy flavor profile close to vanilla, this sweet treat offers you a little more adventure. Custard gives you a sweeter flavor with a finish that reminds you of the pudding-like desert whose name it bears.
  4. Pineapple – Often branded as “Pineapple Express” after the marijuana-based cult classic movie. While derived from industrial hemp, the long forced association between CBD and marijuana lead to the adoption by some manufacturers of “stoner” naming practices, though the THC vape liquid will not get you high. Nevertheless, pineapple’s sweet, fruity flavor keep it as one of the top 10 best vape flavors, with or without the marijuana reference.
  5. Strawberry – Popular for its sweet taste with slightly astringent undertones, strawberry makes the list as another fruity favorite. This is a more understated flavor that doesn’t leave your palate heavy after a vape break.Close up of three, ripe strawberries
  6. Melon – Melon is generally very sweet, often on the verge of cloying, but its fanbase wouldn’t have it any other way. Designed to taste like ultra-ripe cantaloupe or honeydew melons, the smell is equally noticeable and recognizable by those around you.
  7. Cherry – The perfect mixture of tart and sweet, cherry-flavored vape juice offers a distinct flavor choice that can’t be mistaken for anything else. It has proven popular both on its own and combined with some citrus notes for a cherry limeade taste.
  8. Lemon – Rounding out the most popular fruit choices as we approach the end of our top 10 best vape flavors list is the popular citrus all-star lemon. The tangy-sweet flavor works well on its own but is sometimes blended with hints of custard or vanilla for a lemon meringue or lemon cream flavoring.
  9. Kush – The second “marijuana” named flavor to make the list, kush smells nothing like it. You will not make your stoner friends jealous. No one will assume you’re edgy and cool. It’s slightly sweet, slightly herbal taste blend is nothing like its namesake, however popular it may be.
  10. Cotton Candy – Sweet and sugary like the confection it’s named for, this delicate flavor is popular among everyone, though sometimes it is marketed to women with a “pink” moniker that hides its flavor origins. If you’re wanting a neutral yet sweet vape juice and vanilla isn’t your thing, cotton candy is where it’s at.

Lots Of Flavors, Lots Of Potential Benefits

Whichever of these top 10 best vape flavors you choose, make sure you can trust the manufacturer to give you premium CBD oil you can trust. That way, you always have a delicious way to dose CBD. When you want a quality CBD blend that lives up to its potential, order your vape juice from Core CBD.

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