The Latest CBD Trends & News

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Trends in CBD are continuing to drive the cannabis industry forward, and it’s generating a lot of buzz. From your corner store to larger department stores, CBD products are escaping the boundaries of specialty shops and appearing in more and more consumer goods. While oversaturation can often be the death-knell of an industry’s growth, the cannabis industry has still barely begun and shows plenty of potential as it hits its stride.

CBD Is Just Getting Started

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active compound in cannabis plants. Industrial hemp, or Cannabis sativa L., is a CBD-rich strain closely related to marijuana, but without the psychoactive compound THC. CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system, where it may cause certain biologic reactions.

While studies have been limited, indications abound that CBD may have the potential to help those suffering from a wide range of conditions and promote overall health and wellness. This has made it a popular topic of discussion by those interested in healing, nutrition, and beauty for years, but recent developments in the cannabis industry show that these trends in CBD are advancing at an amazing rate.

The 2018 Farm Bill

The most recent iteration of the Farm Bill made big waves in the cannabis community thanks to the insertion of much of the language found in the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. The Farm Bill effectively recognized industrial hemp as a separate plant from marijuana, established a measurable difference between the two, and explicitly legalized industrial hemp and derivative products federally. This newly clarified legal status is driving trends in CBD. Everyone wants a piece of the legal cannabis industry.

This is not to say there was a dearth of products previously. The 2014 Farm Bill allowed state pilot programs and broader public acceptance of cannabis already saw it available coast to coast from specialty retailers, but with official legislative approval, mainstream retailers were finally ready to get in the game, opening up the market wide for any manufacturer who wanted to enter the field.

CBD Half-Caff Lattes And More

Americans love their coffee, and coffee bistros are always looking for something new to bring in the customers, making one of the most foreseeable trends CBD in coffee. Boutique coffee shops across the country began adding CBD drinks to their brew menus in an effort to satisfy the demand for a less-jittery caffeine experience. CBD Oil is often blended with coconut oil, or MCT, to form a consistent concentration, making it a natural addition to any bulletproof-style coffee drink. It mixes well with coffee’s own oils, giving java fans a fresh new way to get their daily CBD dose.

Speaking Of CBD Brews…

Coffee isn’t the only beverage getting a CBD boost. Craft beer aficionados are as excited about the next big thing as java-nuts. Beer has joined the list of trends putting CBD in every food or drink imaginable. Not having as high of an oil content as coffee does, the process has proven elusive for some, but cannabis-infused beer has a lot of interest. Don’t expect this to slow down as more and more companies race to bring CBD IPAs to a store near you.

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Relaxing Edibles

Most people think of industrial hemp’s illicit cousin when you talk about edibles, but they are one of the biggest trends in CBD too. Delicious and packed with high-quality CBD goodness, edibles offer a more socially acceptable delivery mechanism. While your office may frown on vaping at your desk and HR may give you the side-eye over capsules or a tincture bottle, snacking on a few gummies is discreet and effective. Whether you’re baking your own yummy CBD brownies or powering up with some pre-packaged CBD protein bites, you can get your CBD on the go.

CBD Cosmetics

Hemp CBD oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and some studies have indicated it may have a place in acne control. This makes it an increasingly popular addition to cosmetic lines, and one of the most popular aesthetic trends in CBD. Whether you’re trying for thick, luxurious lashes, a clear complexion, or healthier skin, CBD cosmetics are available to help you look your very best.

Getting Saucy

There are edibles, then there’s making everything an edible. From mayo and aioli to gravy, we love to cover our food in fats. They make a great carrier for flavor and, used sparingly, are a welcome component or addition to many meals. Because oils are fats–yes, even healthy, hemp-derived CBD oil–you can turn most of your favorite sauces into your favorite way to take CBD. Manufacturers have been quick to capitalize on food trends in CBD, and sauces are no exception. From packed items for retail sale to exclusive fine dining restaurants, you will find CBD sneaking into a wide array of dishes via the condiment selection.

The Doctor Is In

As more and more attention is focused on the nation’s opioid crisis, medical practitioners are coming under more pressure to find non-pharmaceutical ways to support patient treatment. For many, this means a greater focus on nutrition, prevention, and traditional or holistic wellness options. While statements about the health benefits of CBD are largely unevaluated by the FDA, more physicians and healthcare specialists are encouraging patients to do their own research, take a more active role in their own wellness, and explore the potential benefits of CBD for themselves.

Staying Ahead Of The Times

Following trends in CBD is great, setting them is better. That’s why we’re at the forefront of industrial hemp-derived CBD innovation. We set the standard for manufacturing with our medical-grade facility and state-of-the-art processing equipment. Explore the benefits of CBD and find out more about its benefits first-hand with Core CBD.

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