Snowcones to Sangria: 7 CBD Drinks That are Taking Summer by Storm

A glass with sangria and a swizzle stick.

The summer heat is climbing, so why not beat that heat with some refreshing CBD drinks! CBD oil-infused drinks are the same as their normal counterparts, but with the addition of CBD to help promote overall health and wellness. As more people choose CBD for their bodies, more companies are offering CBD enhanced products, and it can also be easy to make your own whenever you feel like it. These CBD drinks are the perfect summer treat for keeping you refreshed and helping you recover after summer vacay adventures.

CBD oil-infused Drinks: Cannabidiol Cocktails

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the special ingredient that makes CBD drinks so special. One of the active compounds found in industrial hemp, a close relative of marijuana, CBD won’t get you high, but it offers the support you need for a healthier, happier life. The stems, leaves, and flowers from the hemp plant are harvested and processed to extract their CBD-rich oil. This oil is then formulated into an array of products, from potent CBD oils for sale to yummy beverages.

Once it’s consumed, your CBD oil-infused drinks deliver a powerful dose through your digestive system. CBD supports the optimal functioning of your body’s endocannabinoid system as it helps regulate your other body systems. From digestion to promoting a calmer demeanor or helping your body recover faster after exercise, people choose CBD for a wide range of potential benefits. CBD drinks let you get the wellness support of cannabis without the THC or worry of getting you high or causing a failed drug test.

Fun Ways To Get Your Summer CBD Fix

When the sun’s out, the fun’s out. Whether you’re hitting the beach, lounging by the pool, or heading out to the lake. If summer isn’t meant to be boring, don’t settle for boring drinks. These fun takes on some classics are the perfect cold, wet treat to get you through the hottest days.

  • Sangria – Sangria just might be the perfect summer beverage. Light and fruity, it’s perfect for relaxing on your own or living it up with friends. Best of all, it’s super easy! All you need are 7-ish ingredients and a few minutes to chop and mix, and you’ll be ready for CBD drinks all around.Start with some tasty fruit of your choice. Apples and oranges are fine, but it’s summer and your local stores and farmer’s market should be overflowing. Chop the fruit into large chunks and put in a pitcher or other receptacle. Add 3 tablespoons of your favorite sugar for a sweet sangria, 4 tablespoons for a sweeter sangria. Stir gently, then add a ¾ cup of orange juice, and ¼ to ½ cud of liquor (brandy and rum are more traditional choices). Finally, add a full bottle (750ml) of dry red wine, preferably Spanish, and your desired amount of CBD (start with 50-100mg per liter of liquid). Mix, add ice to chill the drink, then pour a CBD oil-infused drink to chill yourself.
  • Water – Hydration is important, especially as temperatures rise and people head outdoors for activities under the sun. It’s not uncommon to see water bottles close at hand as people hit hiking trails and music festivals. Infused water can be one of the best CBD drinks for keeping you hydrated and ready for action. Plenty of companies are offering CBD infused water that’s available at retail outlets, but if you choose a reusable bottle to cut down on plastic, it’s easy to make yourself. Just choose your favorite premium CBD tincture in a flavor you love and add it to your water bottle. For an extra flavor burst, add some fresh fruit and give your bottle a good shake before every drink.
  • Smoothies – Whether you like them for a quick summer brunch or they’re you’re go-to for keeping that beach body looking tight, smoothies are one of the most versatile CBD drinks you can make. Add your favorite fruits, some leafy greens, liquid of choice, and plenty of ice, and you’re good-to-go!

A glass of iced CBD-oil-infused coffee drink.

  • Cold Coffee – Ok, we were going to suggest an iced coffee frappe, but that feels like cheating since it’s kind of a coffee smoothie. Instead, let’s talk about CBD oil-infused drinks like iced coffee as your go-to caffeine source among CBD drinks. You can make this by brewing hot coffee and chilling it, but you’ll be robbing yourself of a better cold coffee experience. If you don’t have a french press, get one. We’ll wait.Place your coffee grounds into the press according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Now put cold or room temperature water in (rather than hot) and a dropper full of CBD oil tincture. Place it in the fridge overnight. The next day, you’ll have cold brew coffee without the burnt flavor of hot brew, and all those rich coffee oils will be right there in your beverage. Depress the plunger and decant over ice. Add some Irish cream (or regular cream if you’d prefer) and stir.
  • Snow Cones – This childhood favorite comes up big when you add a little CBD to the mix. Some may argue that this doesn’t belong on a list of CBD oil-infused drinks, but we’re not going to let that negativity bring us down. Just add a few drops of your favorite CBD oil to the snow when you add the flavoring. Simple, fun, and fabulous on those 100-degree days.
  • CBD Sodas – Yes, you can add CBD to your soda, but this is one of the few CBD drinks that it may be better not to DIY. The oil in your tincture will probably not mix well with the acids of the soda, and the flavors could end up unbalanced. Rather, look for CBD oil-infused drinks that have been formulated for taste and dosage as more companies explore CBD enhanced products.
  • CBD Beer – Adult sodas! While big brew companies like Coors explore CBD oil-infused drinks and CBD brews, craft brewers aren’t waiting around. Small breweries are already coming out with their take on CBD IPAs, and homebrewers find adding a little CBD to their mash easy. Because you’re dealing with gallons at a time, many choose 50-100 mg of CBD per liter, which is enough for a healthy dose.

CBD Responsibly

As you explore CBD beverages, remember to do so responsibly. Order your premium CBD oil and create your own CBD drinks with Core CBD today!

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