Quality Matters: How to Choose CBD Products For Yourself

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There are a lot of CBD products hitting shelves across the country, leaving many people confused about how to choose the best CBD oil for their needs. Understanding how to choose a CBD product is important if you want to get the most health and wellness benefits from your hemp. Let’s look at what goes into a quality CBD product, how to separate them from inferior choices, and how to determine which might be the right choice for you.

Other Than The Latest Health Trend, What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, often abbreviated as CBD, is an active compound found in cannabis plants. The flowers, stems, and leaves of the industrial hemp plant are harvested and processed for their CBD-rich oil, which is then used to create a wide range of CBD products. This potent cannabinoid is not alone, as over a hundred different cannabinoids have been identified, each with varying effects on the human endocannabinoid system, though CBD and its more psychoactive cousin, THC, which is found in high concentrations in marijuana, are the best known. You’ll want to understand how to choose the CBD oil that best gives you high CBD levels with no THC content.

Potential Effects Of CBD

Unfortunately, due to the long-held and erroneous treatment of hemp as another form of marijuana, research into CBD has been held back. While not FDA recommended, anecdotal evidence and limited studies point to an array of potential benefits in promoting better health and wellness through CBD use. Your own independent research will be vital to knowing how to choose the best CBD oil for your needs. While quality always matters, concentrations, additives, and delivery form will determine how to choose a CBD product that will be effective and efficient.

What To Look For In A CBD Oil

CBD oil is the foundation for CBD products. It is pressed from or otherwise extracted from hemp plants. The resulting oil is further purified and diluted to give a consistent concentration for even, trustworthy dosing. While this oil can be used on its own, it is often added, infused, or blended with other ingredients to create other delivery mechanisms so that anyone can get the CBD dose they need, however they need it.

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Once you decide CBD is right for you, you’ll quickly notice that there are a wide range of manufacturers offering products of different strengths, blends, and all for different prices. It can be confusing, to say the least. Here are some criteria to use when figuring out how to choose the best CBD oil manufacturer.

  • Naturally Grown Hemp – Natural is better, especially when your intent is to use a natural product for better health and wellness. That means you want to avoid hemp that was cultivated using chemical insecticides and fertilizers. These can not only alter the taste or smell of your product, but cause serious health concerns for sensitive individuals, including those with compromised immune systems, small children, or pregnant mothers.
  • Medical-Grade Facilities – The regulation of legal hemp production is still very much a fluid situation in most states. That makes understanding your manufacturer’s process an important part of knowing how to choose the best CBD oil. Federally, hemp is not recognized as a drug or supplement, but rather as a food substance. As such, food-grade processing should be a minimum standard.

    For something you are intending to use in addition to a treatment program, however, medical- or pharmaceutical-grade processing is the best choice. You want a CBD oil that has been prepared in a clean, environment and packaged with your safety in mind. Take the time to make sure you’re giving your body the best.

  • THC-Free – The best CBD oil comes from industrial hemp, which under federal regulation has 0.3% THC concentration or less. While in practicality, that is not enough THC to cause you the heavy psychoactive effects associated with marijuana, it may be enough on especially sensitive drug screenings to cost you a job. While CBD oil with 0.3% THC is perfectly legal, if screenings are a concern, it has to factor into how you choose the best CBD oil for you.
  • Lab-Verified Results – Without information, you won’t know how to choose a CBD product, and lab results from independent labs give you an unbiased picture of what you’re choosing to put in your body. These results can show you the concentrations of CBD, THC, and terpenes. They also help the manufacturers ensure they’re giving you a product free of chemical and biologic contaminants.
  • Scientifically Formulated For The Usage You Need – CBD oil products include tinctures, topicals, cosmetics, edibles, and more. How you intend to use your CBD is an important part of how to choose the best CBD oil products for you. These shouldn’t be made by just blending in some CBD oil. They need to be formulated to give you a consistent dose that will be bioavailable when and where you need it. External products should allow the CBD to be absorbed readily into your skin, while CBD oil for internal use should provide consistent dosages with consistent delivery.

Find What Works Best For Your Needs & Goals

Individual research is key when using CBD. Make sure you understand your body and what you expect to get from your usage of CBD oil products. The first step in how to choose the best CBD oil for you is to choose the highest quality CBD products that are meant to be used the way you want to use them.

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