CBD Oil – Peppermint Flavor


Our peppermint CBD oil makes dosing CBD quick and easy. Made with care from the highest quality ingredients, this revitalizing blend of hemp-based CBD oil and peppermint essential oil refreshes and invigorates the senses. Add some to a cup of tea, or simply place your preferred dose under your tongue. One of the best peppermint CBD oil tinctures for sale, it absorbs fast and is readily bioavailable to your endocannabinoid system. There are four strengths available so you have the dosing support you need for how you want to use your CBD oil. Help your body thrive!

With each bottle, you get:

  • 30ml of refreshing peppermint flavor
  • A choice of four different strengths: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, or 1500mg
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CBD Oil For Your Health & Wellness Goals

Hemp has been a trusted aide to health and wellness for centuries. Of the active compounds found in industrial hemp, none show as much promise as cannabidiol (CBD) in managing a wide variety of conditions or ailments. That’s why so many people, after conducting their own independent research, have chosen to include it in their daily regimen. While research has been limited, anecdotal evidence throughout history has shown that hemp has a wide range of health benefits, but only you can determine through research if it is right for your body. Our peppermint CBD oil gives you a potent, reliable way to explore the benefits of premium CBD oil for yourself.

Medical-Grade CBD Hemp Oil

Core CBD only has pure, THC-free peppermint CBD oil for sale. We grow hemp plants on farms throughout Colorado, Kentucky, and Northern California, where the fertile land creates particularly potent industrial hemp. We never use chemical insecticides or pesticides, because we know our customers deserve a healthy hemp product uncontaminated by potential pathogens.

To make sure you can buy the best peppermint CBD oil possible, we do all of our processing in our world-class medical-grade facility using proprietary multi-million dollar equipment. The professionals who formulate, process, and blend our materials work in a clean environment wearing HAZMAT-like suits to help protect the purity and safety of your finished products. The result is nothing short of exceptional.

  • Our peppermint CBD oil is available in four concentrations: 1500mg (50mg/ml), 1000mg (33.3mg/ml), 500mg (16.6mg/ml), and 250mg (8.33mg/ml).
  • Lab-verified THC-free and 50-state legal.
  • GMP compliant, MFG certified, and non-GMO to ensure you’re getting the best quality CBD oil.
  • No synthetic flavors! We use real peppermint essential oil for better holistic health.
  • Sold in 30ml dropper bottles with clearly marked droppers that make getting the perfect dose fast and easy.
  • In-Stock and ready to ship to your door.
  • Grown, formulated, and processed in the U.S.A.
  • You can buy peppermint CBD oil wholesale units for resale through retail shops and e-commerce storefronts.

Shop With Confidence

How does your current CBD oil measure up? In order to ensure the unparalleled quality, purity, and potency of our CBD products, we regularly send them out for third-party testing, and we’re happy to provide certificates of analysis. Want to know more? Call our friendly CBD experts anytime between 9am and 5pm PST at 888-506-1501. Our experts are more than happy to talk to you about the products that will work best for your intended CBD usage. Order your peppermint CBD oil now.


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