Predictions for CBD in 2019

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The enactment of the United States Farm Bill has drastically altered the trajectory of the CBD industry in 2019 and beyond. Signed into law in late 2018, the bill removed many long-standing regulatory constraints on industrial hemp, proving to be a significant boon for both hemp farms and hemp businesses alike.

Now, with increasing demand and market expansion, some analysts believe that 2019 will be CBD’s biggest year yet. With promising research, innovative products, and booming consumer interest, the 2019 CBD market is certainly ripe with potential. We believe there’s a bright future ahead for this remarkable cannabinoid — here are just a few reasons why.

Massive Market Demand & Growth

The timely passage of the United States Farm Bill has intersected perfectly with the rapid growth of the CBD industry. As the public becomes increasingly aware of CBD’s numerous benefits, the lessened regulation will allow for a massive expansion of the CBD market. In 2019, businesses will be able to accommodate the needs of thousands of interested customers within a broad and increasingly diverse demographic.

However, as industry competition increases, prices may drop, and brands may have to hone their products in order to thrive in 2019’s ever-expanding CBD market. As a result, one of our CBD industry projections is an increase in CBD product standards.

Prior to the US Farm Bill, most CBD products sold in the US were made from low-grade industrial hemp grown in Europe and China. However, with the passage of the US farm bill, consumers will have access to higher-quality CBD products made from American-grown hemp.

The Rise of CBD-Infused Drinks and Foods

Even though CBD oil has remained a best-seller among consumers, CBD products are available in various other forms. Edible CBD products such as gummies have grown in popularity, as have topical products like lotions and salves. Now, the 2019 CBD market is gearing up to take the food and beverage industry by storm.

Although regulatory bodies like the FDA have stated that CBD-containing food and drinks fall under their purview, the lack of current legislation has stirred both consumer and business interest in CBD-infused food and drink products.

As a result, one of our CBD industry projections for 2019 includes the popularization of CBD-infused beverages and food. Coffee fortified with CBD is already becoming very popular, and a demand for other CBD-infused wellness drinks such as sodas and teas has followed.

However, tackling the 2019 CBD food and beverage market doesn’t come without its fair share of unique challenges. For one, interested businesses will have to stretch their creative muscles in order to mask the strong, distinctive aroma and flavor of CBD. Due to CBD’s naturally-occurring terpene content, merely adding CBD to existing beverages and foods will likely result in unpleasant, bitter-tasting products.

Regardless, both small and large-scale businesses have expressed an interest in 2019’s market for CBD-infused foods and beverages. Big-name brewery companies Anheuser-Busch InBev and Molson Coors have announced their intentions to develop non-alcoholic CBD-infused beers. Meanwhile, soda brands like Sprig are producing CBD-infused sodas in various flavors, including citrus, lemon tea, and melon.

The Business of CBD: A Changing Landscape

As of now, most CBD products are marketed and sold online. However, CBD’s surge in popularity seems to be bucking the trend of e-commerce exclusivity.

As the 2019 CBD market becomes less niche by attracting a broader audience, one of our CBD industry projections involves an increase in CBD product accessibility. For instance, research has indicated that CBD is resonating with older customers, who use CBD to combat the discomfort and pain that often accompanies aging. However, older generations aren’t always keen on ordering their products online, which presents a challenge for online-only CBD retailers looking to cater to a generation of traditional brick-and-mortar shoppers.

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As a result, in 2019, CBD might be coming to a mall near you. On Monday, February 11th, 2019, Simon Property Group announced its intention to open 108 stores that will sell CBD products across its 107 malls in the US. Given the scale of Simon Property Group’s announcement, it’s likely that more CBD storefronts will open their doors in the coming years. Some analysts also believe that 2019’s surging CBD market will broaden its horizons even further by extending its reach to pharmacy shelves.

Despite these exciting developments, e-commerce is still predicted to be the primary driver of CBD sales nationwide. It’s even possible that large-scale online retailers such as Amazon and eBay will eventually stock and ship CBD products themselves. However, as of now, the somewhat ambiguous CBD regulation in the US could make stocking CBD products a potential risk for these big-name brands.

Upon examining the research and analysis-driven industry projections, CBD’s future in the United States looks promising. But, as always, only time will tell.

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