How to Pick the Best Vape Pen for CBD Vaping

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Over the last few years, CBD has exploded in popularity. From CBD-infused gummies to terpene-rich CBD oils, there are now numerous ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Today, due to advancements in electronic vaping technology, CBD can even be vaped. Using handheld CBD vape pens, users can inhale and ingest active cannabidiol in dozens of fruity and exotic flavors.

However, for many people, entering the exciting world of CBD vaping is initially daunting. With so many devices and brands to choose from, finding the best CBD vape pen to suit your needs can be difficult.

Hopefully, by providing you with some tips, we can help you find the perfect CBD vape pen for you!

Types of CBD Pens

Most CBD vape pens come in one of three forms: disposable, refillable, and cartridge-based. At first glance, each type of pen might look indistinguishable from the others. However, the type of pen you choose will have a significant impact on the cost, maintenance, and overall enjoyment of your CBD vaping experience.

Disposable CBD Vape Pens

As their name suggests, disposable CBD vape pens are single-use, self-contained products that are designed to be used and then thrown away. Typically, these pens are very affordable, but because they’re not meant to be refilled, recharged, and reused, most users will find that the long-term costs quickly outweigh the added convenience.

Repeatedly buying unit after unit can get expensive, which is why many people don’t consider disposable pens to be the best option for CBD vaping. If you plan on vaping CBD consistently, a device that’s refillable or uses CBD cartridges is ultimately much more cost-effective.

Refillable CBD Vape Pens

Unlike their disposable and cartridge-based counterparts, refillable CBD vape pens can be loaded with a vast variety of CBD oils and e-liquids. As a result of their greater compatibility, refillable CBD vape pens offer an exceptionally versatile user experience.

However, the sheer versatility of these devices comes with the burden of added maintenance and upkeep. To keep the device functioning properly, tanks must be regularly cleaned and other components, such as coils, may need replacing as necessary. Despite these potential annoyances, many people still consider refillable CBD vape pens to be the best option for CBD vaping.

Cartridge-Based CBD Vape Pens

Cartridge-based CBD vape pens exist as a middle-ground between disposable and refillable pens. Although they only support disposable, single-use CBD cartridges, the universal cartridge standard of many cartridge-based pens allows users to enjoy a broad array of CBD e-liquid brands and flavors.

That said, most CBD cartridges cannot be refilled by the user. Once empty, users must buy more cartridges to continue vaping, which can become quite expensive.

Oils & E-Liquids

As you might expect, not all CBD oils and e-liquids are created equally. If you’re shopping for a disposable or CBD cartridge vape pen, be sure to investigate the quality of the manufacturer’s included CBD e-liquid. The best CBD vape pens contain high-grade e-liquids that will maximize the benefits of CBD while also minimizing any health risks associated with vaping.

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Separation & Ingredients

Conveniently, the appearance of most CBD oils and e-liquids is an accurate predictor of their quality. A well-mixed oil with minimal separation is generally high-grade. On the other hand, an oil or e-liquid that isn’t uniform in appearance may offer an inconsistent CBD vaping experience.

When shopping around for the best CBD vape pen, look for oils or e-liquids that contain hemp extract, and not CBD as an isolated ingredient. Although CBD is still beneficial on its own, hemp extracts usually contain a more robust cannabinoid content profile, therefore imbuing them with added benefits.

Vegetable Glycerin Vs. Propylene Glycol

CBD oils and e-liquids are “carried” by a variety of compounds, including propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or both. Both PG and VG are responsible for vapor production, which gives CBD vape its smoke-like appearance when exhaled.

For many people, the balance of VG and PG in CBD cartridges and e-liquids can fundamentally alter their CBD vaping experience. Generally, a high VG content results in a “smoother” vape, albeit with less flavor. On the other hand, oils/e-liquids that are primarily PG-based are often considered to be “harsher” on the throat and more flavorful.

A small percentage of vapers have allergic reactions to VG and/or PG, so be sure to choose your e-liquid carefully when searching for the best CBD vape pen!

Temperature Control

When browsing for a new CBD vape pen, temperature control is a crucial feature that many shoppers overlook. Some of the compounds found in CBD oils and e-liquids such as terpenes can combust at high temperatures, which requires CBD vaping devices to maintain lower operating temperatures. At the same time, vaping at too low of a temperature can reduce the overall active cannabinoid content. As a result, if a vape pen’s combustion temperatures aren’t optimal, it can negatively affect the overall CBD vaping experience.

Before you buy, check the product specifications of the vape pen or CBD cartridges in question. According to research, the best CBD vape pens typically operate at under 580 degrees Fahrenheit.

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