How to Pick the Best CBD Oils and Products

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Cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabis extract, is revolutionizing the cannabis industry in the U.S. While the best CBD oil products seem to have only now started gaining a foothold in the market, their use is only expected to increase over time. In fact, the CBD market is expected to be worth $22 billion by 2022, according to the Rolling Stone website. However, this anticipated growth in the use of the CBD oil isn’t unwarranted as the product promises diverse health benefits.

CBD has shown positive effects on anxiety, insomnia, stress and even muscle and joint pain. Despite all the benefits that this cannabis extract promises to offer, not all CBD products are suitable for you. Whether you’re new to CBD oil and products or an experienced CBD user, knowing how to pick the right products matters. Your choice trickles down to the convenience of the product, the absence of harmful additives and even the price of the product.

Follow this guide to choose the best CBD products for your needs:

Mode of Consumption

There are a diversity of consumption modes for CBD oil. First is the sublingual delivery method where you will use a dropper. You will have to place the drops below your tongue for efficient delivery once you choose the best CBD oil. On the other hand, you can opt for capsules, where you will swallow capsules that contain controlled dosages of the oils. You can also choose to inhale the oils using vaporizers. While all options might have the same concentration of CBD oil, there is a difference in the convenience, accessibility, and effects of using the oils. The trick is to research the different consumption methods and choose one that fits you.

Method of Extraction

With the hype that surrounds the different health benefits of CBD oil, a lot of companies have come up to produce CBD oil products. While most companies are committed to producing quality products, some will cut corners in production standards, which results in products that have harmful additives. The best CBD oil is produced through CO2 extraction, whereby carbon dioxide is used under high pressure to ensure the isolation, preservation, and maintenance of CBD oil quality and purity.

However, this method is expensive, which increases the cost of CBD products. Though less efficient and expensive, other methods of extraction include the use of coconut or olive oils. Companies that pride themselves in selling quality CBD products will typically include information about the extraction method they use on their packaging. In case a company doesn’t do so, proceed with caution. Only buy CBD oil products that are produced using the recognized and highest quality standards.

CBD Isolate Vs. Full-Spectrum CBD Oils

When shopping for the best CBD oils and products, you can choose from either CBD isolates or full-spectrum CBD oils – each has its own effect. While the former contains isolated CBD molecules, the latter has additional active compounds. More often than not, the pure CBD isolate option is considered the industry standard for cannabis therapy.

However, the active compound found in the full-spectrum variety – such as terpenes, CBN and CBL- contains a variety of benefits. When combined with the effects of CBD, these products can work in synergy to provide more benefits to you as the user. The choice is all yours when picking the option to work with when buying. In most cases, companies that use full-spectrum CBD oils will indicate this on their packaging or online product descriptions.

What Concentration are You Comfortable With?

The best CBD oil packaging will either have concentration details in terms of percentage or milligrams. The more the concentration, the more pronounced the effects of the oils will be. When starting off with any CBD product, it is wise to start by taking low to moderate concentrations to assess how your body reacts to the best CBD products you buy.

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In case the effects exceed your expectations, you should lower your intake levels and vice versa. Alternatively, you can work with a doctor to determine the best concentration for your body and situation off the bat. It’s always advisable to share with your doctor about the use of CBD products.


Every person will react differently to each individual CBD product in the market, so your choice should be governed solely by your current situation and the benefits you want from the CBD products you want to buy. Consider your preferred mode of consumption, the method of extraction, full-spectrum or CBD isolate options as well as the concentration levels you’re comfortable with before picking CBD oils and products.

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