How Are CBD Oil Tinctures Made?

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Many people choose CBD oil to promote their overall health and wellness, but how their CBD oil tinctures are made can determine whether or not they’re getting a quality product. CBD oil tinctures are an easy way to get your daily dose of CBD, but the rapidly increasing popularity has led to a glut of substandard products flooding the market. Your best bet to unlock the benefits of CBD is to use the highest quality, rather than the cheapest priced, CBD oil available. Understanding how to make premium CBD oil tinctures can help you decide which tinctures are right for you.

Making a Good CBD Oil

High-quality CBD oil starts out as high quality industrial hemp. The leaves, flowers, and stalk are harvested for their rich CBD content. The plant material is sent to a processing facility for extraction. A solvent is used to pull the CBD and other active cannabinoids from the plant. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction is how the best CBD oil tinctures are made, though other solvents are used too. Liquid CO2 is forced through the ground plant material then removed, leaving behind a pure CBD oil.

The oil is analyzed for its CBD content and to verify its THC content is within the federal guidelines of 0.3% THC or less. This gives you a CBD oil of a known strength that can be used on its own, but it isn’t the finished product yet.

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Consistent Formulation

In order to deliver a product that offers a repeatable experience, the oil needs to be blended to give a specified strength. This is accomplished primarily by mixing the CBD oil with another carrier oil. The two most common are hemp oil and coconut (or MCT) oil. These oils blend well without detracting from the CBD’s effects. Other ingredients are added, which is how to make CBD oil tinctures that offer different flavors or botanicals. These can be meant purely to make the oil more palatable or to add other traditional healing and wellness substances to the mix.

Keeping It Safe

Along the way, everything should be processed in a clean, sanitary environment. As an example, our Colorado processing facility uses a medical-grade clean-room environment to avoid contamination. Our multi-million dollar machines are designed to provide unsurpassed extraction and be easy for our workers to sterilize between batches. This is how to make CBD oil tinctures that are safe, consistent products our customers can count on.

Give Your Body the Best

Do you know what you’re putting in your body? We’re proud to offer formulas backed by science and lab verified for safety and potency. Call our CBD experts at 888-506-1501 if you need additional information about any of our products. Order your premium CBD oil tinctures from Core CBD today.

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