Sleep Better With These CBD Products

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Finding an answer for sleepless nights can be difficult, but more and more people are using CBD for better sleep. Whether you’re having trouble sleeping due to shift work or regular sleep is always hard to come by, a lack of sleep can cause a dangerous loss of concentration, affecting your performance at work, school, or around your family. CBD offers the potential for many health benefits, and several of those may help you find your way to a more restful sleep.

Hemp For Your Health

CBD is derived from industrial hemp, a relative of marijuana that lacks the psychoactive component THC. An active compound, CBD is purported to have a variety of health benefits. While not evaluated by the FDA, plenty of anecdotal evidence and some limited studies point to the possibility that using CBD for better sleep could help you fall asleep faster, sleep sounder, and wake up feeling more refreshed.

What’s Stopping Your Sleep?

There are plenty of reasons why “just go to sleep” is harder for some than others. While one or two of these can be an annoyance, some people contend with several of them on a near-daily or -nightly basis.

  • Over-Active Brain – If you lay down and immediately find your brain going 70 miles an hour, sleep can be hard to find. The body may be weary, but the mind is up and ready to go. Some people swear by this time as when they feel most creative, for the rest of us, it’s just when we’re the most physically tired with no relief in sight.

  • Anxiety – Whether it’s specific worries or just an overwhelming sense of trepidation, no amount of sheep counting can put anxiety to bed some nights. Knowing there’s no logical reason to worry (or worse that there is!) does nothing to ease the feeling keeping you from drifting off.

  • Nerve Issues – Maybe it’s the feeling of dry, itchy skin you get just as you get under your blanket or it could be that you’re nearly asleep when your restless legs start up. For whatever reason, your nerves have got you moving when your brain is ready to call it a night.

  • Irregular Schedule – If your days and nights are blending together, especially because of a rotating schedule, sleep can be hard to come by. Our body likes a set rhythm, and when you keep shifting that rhythm, problems sometimes happen.

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How CBD Can Help

People who use CBD for better sleep have found that it offers several benefits to address the most common reasons for sleepless nights. User-reported results include:

  • Calms The Mind – CBD has long been used to help promote a calmer, more positive demeanor. That’s why so many people who suffer from depression or anxiety choose to use CBD as an addition to their treatment in order to better manage their symptoms. CBD helps restore calm and focus, making it a great answer for those nights when your brain just won’t calm down or can’t shake the feeling of impending catastrophe.

  • Supports Healthier, Less Irritable Skin – Hemp oil naturally moisturizes the skin, which is why it’s such a popular ingredient in lotions, ointments, and creams. With the addition of CBD, you may also see improvement in minor skin irritations as your skin is better nourished and less prone to dehydration.

  • Helps Manage Nerve Issues – CBD’s calming ability may extend beyond the mind to the nervous system it controls. Some users who experience restless legs regularly have indicated that, since their use of CBD began, their leg movements have been less frequent or less intense.

Best CBD Products For Better Sleep

When it comes to getting better sleep, there are several different types of CBD products that may offer the help you need.

  • CBD Oil – Either taken as a tincture or baked into your favorite pre-bed snack, CBD oil can give you a dose of CBD that helps you find the calm relaxation you need. One particular favorite of many users is to mix a dose into their favorite sleepy-time tea, like chamomile or peppermint with a little bit of honey.

  • CBD Gummies – One of the most popular store-bought edibles are gummies. They make dosing a snap, are easy to handle with tired, clumsy fingers, and taste good. While regular CBD gummies by themselves may help, some manufacturers have developed formulations specifically designed to promote sleep that include melatonin. Melatonin is used to regulate sleep by shift workers and has a synergistic effect with CBD to help you drift off to dreamland. It’s one of the most powerful ways to use CBD for better sleep.

  • CBD Lotions – If your nighttime restlessness stems from skin irritation or dry skin, then using a CBD lotion could be just what you need. It moisturizes and nourishes your skin to give it the help it needs to fight off dryness, the itch factor from high metal and mineral content, and some skin conditions that lead to cracking and chafing.

  • CBD Ointment – If you have a body that just won’t quit moving, rubbing in a dose of CBD ointment on the affected area could help. The gentle pressure can help calm the nerves in that area on its own, and CBD absorbed through the skin has been recommended by users with muscle, joint, and nerve ailments for relief for a host of reasons.

Get The Rest You Need

Whatever the reason for your troubled nights, there’s a solution available. Independent research can help you narrow in on your cause and find the best advice for how to alleviate them with CBD. Use CBD for better sleep and give counting those sheep a break. Order your high-quality CBD products online from Core CBD today!