CBD Dosages: Which Concentration is Right For You?

If you’re struggling to find CBD dosage recommendations, you’re not alone. Thanks to a regulatory environment that, until recently, has left more questions than answers when it comes to CBD’s therapeutic benefits and a lack of consistent labeling for CBD concentrations, most advice is based on anecdotal reports and limited studies. As more and more people use CBD, however, patterns and industry best practices are emerging which provide some key insight.

Not Medical Advice

First and foremost, understand that CBD supplement dosage recommendations are meant to support better health and wellness, but it would be irresponsible to attempt to diagnose or treat any illness based solely on information found on the internet. While some people do choose to use CBD as part of their therapy, it is at their sole discretion, based on their own, individual research. We encourage you to do everything you can to inform yourself about CBD, its benefits, and how it may help support your health and wellness.

Understanding Concentrations

Most CBD dosage recommendations are based on milligrams. CBD products, however, are not always expressed this way. You can determine the concentration by taking the total amount of CBD in a product and dividing that number by the milliliters. For example, here’s how to find the concentration in 30ml of 250mg CBD tincture:

250mg / 30ml=8.3mg/ml

The concentration of your tincture is 8.3 milligrams in every milliliter of liquid. To get the desired dose, divide the CBD dosage recommendations by the concentration. Continuing the above example for the desired dose of 25mg of CBD:

25mg / 8.3mg/ml = 3ml

Taking 3ml of the tincture will give you 25mg of CBD. If quantities are listed in Imperial, rather than metric measurements, you may need to convert them to get an accurate calculation of CBD concentrations.

Glass beakers and a fluid-filled pipette

CBD Dosage Guidelines

In general, you want to make sure you always begin use of any supplement with a small amount and increase the dosage slowly until the desired effect is achieved. Whatever the CBD dosage recommendations may be, be cautious and pay attention to your body and how it affects you. As always, consult your physician when using any supplement to ensure it will not negatively impact your health or other medications.

You can support general, overall health and wellness with as little as 1-2.5mg per day split into several doses. Those who take CBD because they feel it helps chronic pain, anxiety, and nerve ailments will often use a higher amount, generally reported as between 2.5-25mg per day. Users who choose CBD for its potential to help them sleep better and those who use it as an adjunctive treatment for more serious conditions frequently use even higher doses.

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