CBD Lotion or Topicals: Which Is Right For You?

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As more and more people look for natural products to help their skin’s health and beauty, the benefits of CBD lotion are making it a popular part of daily skincare regimens. CBD is readily absorbed into the skin, as is its less CBD-rich cousin, hemp oil, a staple of lotions, creams, and oils on the beauty aisles for years. With the increased use of CBD for its ability to promote health and wellness, interest in using a potent CBD lotion is on the rise.

CBD: The Compound Generating All The Buzz

Cannabidiol, often abbreviated as CBD, is a compound found in the cannabis plant. While the marijuana variant of cannabis has received plenty of attention for its purported health benefits, most CBD comes from industrial hemp, another variant of cannabis that lacks marijuana’s psychoactive compound, THC. CBD is one of the active compounds in cannabis that gives CBD lotion its benefits.

CBD oil is harvested from the stems, leaves, and flowers of hemp plants. It’s further refined, processed, and standardized to give you a consistent concentration of CBD. While studies into the effectiveness of CBD have been sparse until recently, recent research and a wealth of anecdotal reports indicate that it may present an array of possibilities in promoting wellness and better health. While often taken as a nutritional supplement, many people are pursuing the benefits of CBD lotion, oil, cream, and balm topically.

What Makes A Lotion?

Lotions are an emulsion made by suspending drops of oil in water, making it a great delivery method for CBD topically. Additional ingredients are added to maintain the emulsion, add therapeutic benefits, or give it certain desirable characteristics, such as a pleasing color or smell. The result is a homogenous mixture that should absorb gently into your skin when applied.

The Difference Between Lotion And Other Topicals

One of the benefits of CBD lotion is its middle-of-the-road viscosity when compared to other topicals. While they may still offer quality materials and a similar CBD concentration, they aren’t as handy for general use, though they each have their purposes.

  • CBD Massage Oil – CBD oil mixed with additional hemp or mineral oil is popular for massages, but is extremely runny. This can create a mess, leave a residue on the skin, and makes it harder to target specific areas. While perfect for massages, in some situations it lacks the convenience a CBD lotion affords.
  • CBD Cream – Cream offers many of the same benefits as CBD lotion but has a much higher viscosity. It is generally thicker and harder to spread on. Some people feel that creams leave more of a residue than they like, though this is not necessarily true of higher-quality creams.
  • CBD Balms – Balms are oil preparations that are thicker still and rubbed vigorously into the skin to create heat or friction. Many joint and pain remedies available on pharmacy shelves fit into this category, and the addition of CBD balms has provided welcome relief to consumers looking for something extra in their pain-relief options.
  • CBD Gels – Similar to creams in consistency, though with different ingredients, some people choose gels to get the same benefits that CBD lotion offers. Generally, gels are used for smaller areas than lotion covers and residue once again becomes a problem for some preparations.Small bottles of essential oils on gray wooden table with rose petals

Uses For CBD Lotions

People choose CBD lotion for a wide range of reasons, some of them having to do with a treatment plan they have in place or to promote their health and wellness. Independent research has led them to add CBD to their regular wellness regimen despite the fact that many of the claims made as to the benefits of CBD lotion have not been evaluated by the FDA, and as such it isn’t intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any illness, condition, or disease. Some of the most popular reasons cited for using topical CBD are:

  • Better Skin Health – Known for its ability to freshen, moisturize, and rejuvenate skin, hemp oil found a home in lotion products from some of the most popular beauty and self-care brands. Choosing a hemp CBD lotion benefits your skin in the same way, but with the addition of CBD and its associated terpenes. It promotes overall skin health and gives you a healthy glow you’ll love.
  • Pain Relief – The use of CBD to support pain relief is well known among those who live with chronic pain. Lotion is an easy to use way to apply CBD topically, even with the limited dexterity some sufferers of arthritis or fibromyalgia experience. Having a delivery method that is neither too runny nor too firm opens a wider population up to the benefits of CBD lotion.
  • Psoriasis – Psoriasis is a painful condition affecting the skin, and a moisturizing lotion is a great way to provide relief. Supple, healthier skin makes the condition easier to manage and clear up areas affected so the user can return to a normal life. The addition of CBD to a moisturizing lotion has been an exciting development for those who feel that it helps promote healing.
  • Other Skin Irritations – There is no end to the potential benefits CBD lotion brings to those who want to help their skin be at its best. Whether they need to heal faster, get rid of a rash, or prevent an acne outbreak, people are finding through their independent research that CBD is right for them, and lotion is the right way to use it.

Get CBD Lotion You Can Trust

Make sure you’re giving your body quality CBD products. All-natural CBD products manufactured in a medical-grade facility to pharmaceutical-level production standards ensure that you’re getting the full benefits your CBD lotion can provide. Order your CBD products online from Core CBD today.

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