CBD & Coffee: Why Some Coffee Shops Are Now Adding CBD Infused Drinks to the Menu

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As you may have noticed at your favorite coffee shop, more and more people are starting their day by giving their half-caff soy mocha an extra kick and making it a CBD coffee infusion. No longer confined to a CBD coffee shop, CBD brews are making their way into the mainstream thanks to the public’s greater acceptance of CBD and the clarification of federal laws that have cleared the way for increased use of this wellness-supporting supplement.

CBD: A Natural Path To Wellness

You may not be familiar with CBD, but you’ve definitely heard the buzz. That alone explains how it’s making its way into CBD coffee infusion blends in the trendiest coffee bistros. The buzz, however, is not unwarranted. CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the active compounds in the cannabis plant. Studies and anecdotal evidence have indicated that it has the potential to help treat a range of conditions, promote better overall health and wellbeing, and help support a calmer, more positive demeanor. It is primarily harvested from industrial hemp, a close cousin of the marijuana plant but without the psychoactive component THC.

What Does CBD Have To Do With My Morning Coffee?

A CBD coffee infusion is becoming a popular coffee drink because it gives people an easy way to combine their health and wellness regimen with a common aspect of their morning routine, a cup of joe. Once a staple of dedicated CBD coffee shop locations, the widespread acceptance and availability of CBD opens the door for it to find a home on menu boards across the country.

People choose to use CBD for their own reasons, but there are a few popular trends when they’re using it for a CBD coffee infusion:

  1. It’s A Calming Influence – While it seems counterintuitive–after all, you drink coffee to wake up–many people find that adding CBD to their morning brew helps mellow it out. There’s awake, then there’s jittery, and the calming influence of CBD can help ease those jitters. This can make your morning cup more pleasant and keep you from getting the twitches during that big morning board meeting.
  2. More Positive Outlook – While the contents of your CBD coffee infusion may not be psychoactive, that doesn’t mean they don’t have an effect. Users of CBD often site a calmer, brighter outlook on the world around them. That’s not a bad addition to your usual morning pick me up. The power of a positive attitude has filled the advice pages of business journals and is preached by corporate gurus coast to coast, and CBD can help you seize on a more positive frame of mind.
  3. More Focused – Our lives are busy and filled with worries. We don’t sleep well. There’s too much to-do list and not enough day. That’s why we consume caffeine, to think faster, but that doesn’t always mean better. Just as the jitters can manifest physically or in our moods as irritability, those faster-firing synapses can make your mind too active to concentrate on the tasks at hand, and your work suffers for it. Choosing a CBD coffee infusion can help your brain slow down while still being wide awake, improving your focus for better results, whether you’re catching up on reports at the office or pounding out that novel in a CBD coffee shop.
  4. An Easy Way To Get CBD – While acceptance is increasing, some CBD delivery methods aren’t always socially acceptable, but everybody understands a morning cup of coffee. While the office may have a strict no-vaping policy and co-workers may look at you sideways if you are constantly using a spray, dropper, or another mechanism to take CBD, no one questions your right to the cultural ritual of a hot beverage, making a CBD coffee infusion a great way to “sneak” your dose.
  5. CBD Has A Wide Range Of Benefits – Many people use CBD as a form of treatment. Whether for pain, depression, or weight-loss, their independent research has indicated that a consistent dose taken regularly is of benefit to their minds and bodies. While they have other methods to get CBD into their system, variety is the spice of life, and a CBD coffee infusion is one more way to support the path to wellness they’ve chosen for themselves.

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I Don’t Live Near A CBD Coffee Shop, Help!

Don’t worry. Thanks to the availability of CBD products, even in the middle of nowhere you can still get a cup of coffee to start your morning off right with the help of CBD. While it doesn’t have the ease of just ordering and paying at a coffee shop, it’s not much more complicated than however you currently make your coffee.

If you have access to CBD-infused coffee beans, then making a CBD coffee infusion is as simple as brewing a cup your normal way. If not, however, you can easily get there using a CBD tincture; this also lets you set your dose more accurately. A quality CBD tincture that uses MCT, or coconut oil, as a carrier is perfect for the job. If you’re familiar with the “bulletproof” method of making coffee, this will be a familiar process.

  1. Brew a fresh cup of coffee using your chosen method. This works with drip-brewed, cup machines, presses, and percolators–however you like your coffee, make it happen.
  2. Put your desired amount of coffee in a blender, then add the amount of CBD tincture that gives you the dose you want. This recipe is easily tailored for dainty cups all the way up to the largest thermos bottles.
  3. Blend until the two are evenly mixed, then pour your CBD coffee infusion into your cup. It’s that easy.

Make Every Day A Great Day

When you start your day right, anything is possible. Give yourself the health and wellness support you need, right from the get-go. Order your CBD products online from Core CBD today.

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