Can You Bake with CBD?

Crumbly chocolate chip cookies.

Baking with CBD can be a fun and exciting natural way to take control of your health and wellness. As the popularity of CBD products increases, more people are searching for new ideas on how to take their CBD and incorporate it into their day-to-day routine. Baking with CBD oil is a yummy way to get your dose in a manner that fits your lifestyle. It’s easy, fun, and in the end, you get to eat the results! If there’s a more perfect way to take CBD, it’ll be hard to find.

Where CBD Comes From

Cannabidiol usually referred to by its abbreviation, CBD, is one of over 100 active compounds found in Cannabis sativa L. plants. The difference between hemp CBD and THC (which is found in hemp’s illicit cousin, marijuana) is that marijuana can give you a psychoactive high, while industrial hemp has a THC concentration of 0.3% or less–far below the over 30% concentration found in some marijuana strains. With the worry of a CBD high set aside, this makes industrial hemp the perfect source for our ultra-pure CBD oil.

Baking with CBD is possible because it’s oil-based. Hemp oil, which is also derived from industrial hemp but without high CBD concentrations, is already popular among epicures as a healthier fat alternative than many of the low-quality often hydrogenated oils found on your supermarket aisles. In fact, liquid CBD oil is often titrated to a set concentration with either hemp oil or MCT oil derived from coconuts, another popular source for cooking oil.

For CBD oil, industrial hemp is harvested for its leaves, stalks, and flowers. These areas of the plant have the highest CBD concentration. We use naturally grown hemp from fertile United States crops to ensure we have a safe supply free of chemical contamination. Once harvested, the raw plant material is shipped to our state-of-the-art Colorado processing facility where the oil is extracted on multi-million dollar machines in a cleanroom environment. Our specialists then formulate it into some of the top CBD products in the industry and ensure it’s tested for purity and potency. That way you know you’ll be baking with premium CBD oil.

Choosing The Right CBD For Baking With

When choosing the right CBD oil to bake with, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. These will help make your experience as smooth as possible and give you better results.

  • Flavor – CBD tinctures are often flavored to make them easier (and more enjoyable!) to take. These can be fruity, minty, or simply allow the more herbal flavor of hemp to shine through. While the flavor is entirely based on personal preference, you should think about what you are most likely to bake, the available flavors, and how they’ll work together.
  • Concentration – When baking with CBD, you’ll want to add enough CBD to give you the desired dose across the number of servings you intend to create. To ensure you have enough CBD oil to make your edible potent enough, you may want to choose a product with a higher concentration that will require less liquid to deliver a full dose.
  • Base – While Core CBD oils contain both hemp and coconut oil, some tinctures are made with other bases that may not be desirable for cooking. Make sure you’re always baking with CBD products you can count on to deliver purity and potency you can trust. Have questions about if your chosen CBD oil is best to bake with? Contact our CBD experts!

A tray with brownies and coffee on it.

Baking Potent Edibles

Do you remember your math teacher in high school saying cooking is math, then using a recipe to try to teach conversions? If so, it’s about to come in handy to figure out your CBD dosage recommendation!

When baking with CBD, you’ll want to make sure your recipe contains enough CBD in the whole batch to give you the desired potency per serving. Take your desired CBD edible dosage and multiply it by the number of servings you intend to have. This gives you the total milligrams of CBD you want to include. Your CBD oil offers a set number of milligrams per milliliter of liquid. Divide the total milligrams needed by milligrams per milliliter to get the milliliters of oil you need to have a finished product with the required dose per serving. Finally, when adding your normal cooking oil, subtract the amount of CBD oil you’re baking with. Clear as brownie mix, right?

As an example, let’s make a package of store-bought brownie mix. We’ll assume I have all the ingredients required from the package as well as a 30ml bottle of Core CBD Natural Hemp Oil 1500mg which provides a potent 50mg/ml. Despite the package saying there are 20 servings, I know that it really means 4 big brownies (don’t judge). I want 50mg/ml of CBD per brownie — or whatever mg dosing you choose for your baked good. Let’s start baking with CBD:

  • 4 servings X 50mg = 200mg an entire recipe of brownie mix.
  • 200mg divided by 50mg/ml = 4ml of CBD oil to add 200mg to my brownie mix.
  • ½ cup of cooking oil in the recipe – 4ml of CBD oil = about a teaspoon less than a ½ a cup.

That’s it! Just add the CBD oil the same time you add the cooking oil, and follow the recipe otherwise. Once the brownies are done, you’re ready to dose with your own homemade edibles!

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Use The Best Ingredients

When baking with CBD, make sure you know what you’re putting in your body. At Core CBD, we’re proud of the trust we’ve built with our customers as a premier manufacturer of high-quality CBD oil products. Order your premium CBD oil for baking with from Core CBD today!

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