5 Ways To Enjoy CBD (If Vaping Isn’t Your Thing)

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While vaping is a popular choice for how to take CBD, it is far from the only choice. While it does provide an easy means of getting a tailored dose of CBD, it’s not right for everyone. While high-quality vape juice shouldn’t cause ill-effects, some people remain understandably nervous about inhaling any substance into their lungs. Others may have a sensitivity that makes vaping impractical, while in some places vaping may be regulated or prohibited. As many uses as there are for CBD, however, there are just as many ways to add it to your daily health and wellness regimen.

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CBD Versatility

CBD oil from industrial hemp offers a variety of dosage mechanisms. While it can be formulated into a vape juice, it is also readily absorbed by the skin, through heavily vascular areas and mucous membranes, and by simple ingestion. This versatility lends itself to inclusion is a wide range of products beyond vapes, so you can determine how to take CBD in the manner that suits you best. Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Sublinguals – Sublingual dosing is a fast, easy way to take your CBD. Usually supplied in a dropper bottle, the desired amount of CBD oil is drawn into a dropper and placed under the tongue. There it is absorbed readily into the bloodstream. Flavored oils let you pick the mix that’s most palatable to you.
  • Edibles – If you want to know how to take CBD in the most delicious way possible, edibles should be at the top of your list. CBD oil is easily blended into favorite recipes containing an oil or fat. That means CBD cookies, brownies, and gummies are all on the table–literally and figuratively.
  • Capsules – Softgel capsules are a popular form for medicines, vitamins, and supplements. Made by encapsulating an oil is a gelatin shell, they lend themselves naturally to CBD dosing. Just take the number of capsules corresponding to your preferred dosage, and you’re on your way to better health and wellness.
  • Topicals – Lotions, salves, creams, and balms are how to take CBD that you want to target at either your skin or the tissues directly beneath it. Hemp oil is already a staple of cosmetics and lotions commonly found at most stores because of its nourishing and rejuvenating properties, and CBD takes those benefits to the next level.
  • Bath bombs – One of the most relaxing ways to use CBD, bath bombs are dropped into your bath where they dissolve, releasing their active compounds. They’re a great way to bring not only CBD but traditional healing botanicals to bear on aches, pain, and stress.

Quality CBD Products

How you choose to take CBD is up to you, but delivering the products that do it safely and effectively is up to us. We’re proud of our lab-verified CBD products and the premium materials that go into them. Find the right CBD products for you from Core CBD today.

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