5 Little Known Facts About CBD

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As more people turn to CBD to promote their health and wellness, they’re educating themselves with CBD facts that help them make informed decisions. There are some CBD oil facts, however, that are not well known but may help some users get a better experience from their CBD products. With so many myths still surrounding CBD, here are some helpful bits of information that you may not have heard before!

CBD Fact #1: CBD Isn’t The Only Active Compound In CBD Oil

This is one of those CBD facts that you may not know if all you’ve used is CBD isolate. Isolate is cheaper and lower quality, so some companies use it in an oil suspension and call it CBD oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil is far different and comes with a host of benefits. You probably know that CBD is a cannabinoid found in all cannabis plants. What you may not have known is that it’s one of over 100 active compounds found in different concentrations of CBD tinctures.

When you choose full-spectrum CBD, you’re getting the benefits of something called the “entourage effect.” When you take a premium CBD oil, these other active compounds are included in your dose, many of which offer health and wellness benefits. The total effect of these active compounds working together can have a greater effect than taking them by themselves. Understanding the facts about CBD oil like this can help you choose the right CBD oil for sale that works with your body and keeps you from wasting money on lesser products.

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CBD Fact #2: CBD Is Perfect For Low-Temperature Cooking

Sure, you’ve seen CBD edibles, but understanding the facts about CBD’s reaction with heat lets you make your own edibles and can help you find yummy ways to take CBD that work for you.

One fact about CBD oil is that it is a purified form of hemp oil which has a low smoke point of 332 °F. This means that you have to be careful about using it to fry or saute foods over direct heat. The active compounds in CBD oil, however, can begin to break down at a much lower temperature — around the 220 °F range. When that happens, you not only lose effectiveness, but the flavor profile changes as the compounds scorch. This means CBD oil is best used for low or indirect heat recipes, like brownies, unheated foods, such as salads, or in food and non-boiled liquids like soups and coffee.

CBD Fact #3: Our CBD Won’t Cause A Failed Drug Screen

Okay, this is one of those CBD facts you knew, but we’re going to help you understand why hemp-derived CBD will usually not cause you to fail a drug test screening for marijuana (and why ours will definitely not.) It all has to do with what screenings test for which isn’t what most people think. There is not currently a test for THC or marijuana use in the human body. To determine if a subject has consumed marijuana, drug screens instead test for a THC metabolite.

As your body consumes THC, it converts (or metabolizes) it into another compound which is stored in your body’s fat. This marker is slowly purged from your body and excreted in your urine. The amount that shows up in your urine is based on whether your body is burning fat, storing fat, the quantity of THC consumed, how much, how often, and when your last consumption was. A drug screen will have a set threshold, and if the metabolite is present over that threshold, it’s a positive test result. Knowing that industrial hemp has such a small amount of THC –0.3% concentration by dry weight or less– is one of the more important CBD oil facts for anyone subjected to testing to know. Our CBD, however, is THC-free, meaning it will not leave a metabolite of THC in your body.

CBD Fact #4: CBD Blocks THC

It may surprise you to learn that some marijuana users will still keep industrial hemp-derived CBD around as well. After all, marijuana also contains CBD, albeit alongside the psychoactive compound THC. If a user, however, finds that they’ve over consumed, CBD can help them recover.

CBD counteracts some of the effects of being “stoned.” It blocks certain receptors that THC interacts with to create the euphoric high marijuana causes. It is one of the more unique CBD facts that over-use of one kind of cannabis can be mitigated by using another. It’s important to note that with this CBD oil fact, however, that the user may still be impaired and should not drive or operate machinery.

CBD Fact #5: CBD Is CBD, No Matter The Source

One myth you may have heard is that the CBD in industrial hemp is less potent than the CBD in marijuana. This CBD oil fact is entirely untrue. CBD is a chemical compound bearing a specific molecular makeup and alignment. CBD is CBD.

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