2019 CBD Gift Guide

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Finding the best CBD gifts for those around you is easier than ever thanks to the wide array of CBD-infused gifts that have hit the market in recent years. CBD has become a trendy addition to everything from cosmetics to vape juice, and that’s good news for consumers who want to make CBD part of their wellness regimen. Here’s how to pick the right gifts for the CBD user in your life.

Is My Friend A Stoner?

No. At least, not due to their use of CBD. Quality CBD products (which make the best CBD gifts) are derived from the industrial hemp plant. CBD, or cannabidiol, comes from the Cannabis sativa L. plant with a concentration of THC of less than 0.3%. Industrial hemp is related to the marijuana plant, which has a higher THC content (sometimes into the 30-40% range) and gets users high. Industrial hemp can’t get you stoned, so if your friend is a stoner, hemp didn’t do it.

What makes products made with CBD the best gifts is its potential to offer so many health and wellness benefits without the psychoactive effects of marijuana. By giving them gifts infused with CBD, you are helping them live better. Studies and anecdotal evidence show that CBD may help with anxiety, pain, skin conditions, nausea, and a host of illnesses and conditions. While waiting for high-quality research to catch up to CBD user’s demands for knowledge, more and more people are looking into CBD themselves and deciding it’s right for them.

What To Look For In The Best CBD Gifts

  • Naturally Grown Hemp – Natural is better in your food, so why not in your CBD? Natural hemp is more potent and tastes better. Plus, there is a lower risk of contamination by harmful chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Processed In A Medical Grade Facility – If you start with great raw materials, it stands to reason the next step is to process them on state-of-the-art machinery. This gives you better extraction and better finished products.
  • Lab-Verified Results – If you want to give your friend the best CBD gifts, make sure they’ll know what they’re putting in their bodies. Lab results help make sure they’re getting a product with a consistent concentration they can trust, no contaminants, and that the hemp used has less than 0.3% THC, so there’s no risk of a false-positive on a drug screening.
  • How They Use CBD – There are plenty of CBD products out there, and experimentation is good, but if you want to give them something you know they’ll use, stick with product types they’ve mentioned or that are related to how they’re using CBD now.

Best CBD Gift Ideas

Understand that the CBD market is exploding with innovation right now. New products and new ways to use CBD-infused products are coming out daily. These are some of the best CBD gifts out now, but don’t be afraid to visit the online store of a premium CBD manufacturer and look at what’s available.

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  • A New Vape Rig – Is your friend always vaping? If so, give their rig a break with a new vaporizer and some CBD vape juice. Available in a wide range of fun and exciting flavors, they’re a great way to get a daily dose of CBD, and a new rig is a great way to enjoy them.
  • High-Quality CBD Oil – Give your creative friends a crafting supply that helps promote their health and wellness. CBD oil can be used on its own, sure, but where’s the fun in that. From baking and cocktail mixing to making their own lotions and balms, CBD oil is great for the DIYer in your life.
  • CBD Coffee Accessories – Who doesn’t start their morning off with a cup of java? Coffee is one of the hottest CBD-infused gifts, with infused beans and CBD shots that you mix in being the most popular options, don’t forget the importance of a sweet new mug that shows off their dedication to wellness.
  • Upgrade Their Personal Care Items – If your loved one is always reaching for the lotion, it’s time for an upgrade. CBD lotions are nourishing to the skin and can help reduce the signs of aging. Thanks to its high omega-3 fatty acid content, cosmetics with CBD make the best gifts for those who want to look younger, have fuller lashes, or just give their skin better nutrition.
  • A CBD Gift Basket – Whether you call it a gift basket or a sampler, a little bit of everything can go a long way toward helping someone explore the benefits of CBD. Whether you focus on creams, lotions, and balms or stick to yummy CBD edibles, variety is the spice of life and one of the best CBD gifts you can give.
  • A Gift Card – If your loved one doesn’t have a favorite CBD brand, then it’s time to give them one. A CBD gift card lets them pick exactly the CBD products they want. They’ll know they’ll be getting something they need, like, and use, while you know it isn’t going to get exchanged for store credit. It’s a win-win for both of you!

Make Gift Giving Healthy And Fun

There’s nothing as satisfying as giving someone a gift that lights up their face with excitement, except making sure that gift is also helping them live a better life. The best CBD gifts not only show you care about them but that you also care about their wellness. Add high-quality CBD-infused gifts to your shipping list.

When you want quality CBD products, we’re here to help. Core CBD uses only naturally grown hemp processed in our medical grade facility, so you can be sure you’re giving the best CBD gifts on the market. Order the CBD products that give the gift of wellness from Core CBD today.

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